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Digital Plan Room Refresher Training - Building Customer - Shared screen with speaker view
Lacy Pritchard
Good morning all! Thank you for joining us today. To allow time for attendees to join we will start the training shortly after 10:00.
Lacy Pritchard
Feel free to chat any questions you may have.
Sonia Zambrano, Senior Plans Reviewer
When the status of a document is changed to REVIEWED is it included in the approved document files?
Angela Posani
You may plan on covering this but customers are always getting hung up answering issues. When uploading they are clicking the save & continue later button and not completing the submission
Katie Langer
Sonia, we can address that separately as this is a training for customers. Please post in Teams so it doesn't fall off our radar. Thanks!
Angela Posani
It goes to resume status and then they call two weeks later wondering where it is
Laura Reilly
Please review the updated sheet space reservations i.e. leaving a 6" column on the left side of a cover and the 3x6 space in the upper left corner of each sheet. Also, please verify the old FSP/Construction plan sign off area is deleted
Angela Posani
noting that they have to reach the finish button for a complete submittal
Laura Reilly
Is the B-37 Form still needed?
Angela Posani
Hello. What is the process for the customer to get to his or her current status?
Katie Langer
Hi Laura, we had a training webinar this morning for Planning applications and will be posting the recording. If you want to email ManateeBADSOnline@mymanatee.org we can make sure you receive the link, and we can put you in touch with Planning staff to answer your questions. Thanks!